Sunday School

Early Birds (2-5 years) and Kingfishers (6-11 years)

Each Sunday we love to get together to investigate who God is, explore God’s word and discover together who Jesus Christ really is and what he means to each of us. CAUTION! We usually get in a mess while together so not a good idea to wear “Sunday Best”!

Our verger, Marie Goddard has been a member of the St Helier Parish Church for over 9 years and has been running Early Birds and Kingfishers for 3 years.

Helping to run Early Birds, Marie has a team of wonderfully energetic and enthusiastic members of both the 9:30am and 11:00am services.




Who is God?

The Bible


How and When We Teach

We are currently working with CLICK, which is teaching material centred on the Bible for 3-5s, 5-7s & 8-11s. The Click curriculum is based on the belief that the Bible’s own theological framework should direct what is taught and how it is taught. Each session has a clear teaching point and the activities, which are imaginative and fun, help to support this.

Early Birds and King Fishers run from 10:00am to 10:30am during the 9:30am service, following the “Kid’s Slot” during the first half of this service. During those 30 minutes we run through a structured lesson plan of Opening prayer, Story and Lesson, Art and Craft, Bring it Together (recap), Closing prayer then a drink and a snack to finish.

Keeping to the same routine each week ensures a sense of continuity, security and familiarity for the children. This enables them to relax, engage, absorb and have fun in a comfortable and age friendly environment.


Wednesdays at 9:30am to 11:30am in Church House

This is a fun and relaxed playgroup for preschool children. £2 per child, including tea and coffee for the parents and snacks for the children. We have a wonderful team of volunteers from young Mum’s to “Old hands”. Without their help we could not provide this playgroup in the Centre of St Helier.

The playgroup has a dedicated area for newborns up to 12 months old with a warm and friendly environment for all. There are lots of other toys, including “soft play” from October 2016 onwards. There is nothing the playgroup leaders love more than “Messy Play” including sand, water, paint, chalk, playdough, it’s all in!

Throughout the play session, parents and carers are welcome to tea, coffee and biscuits. You’ll also have a choice of drinks and snacks to offer the children. At the end of the session there is time for short story and some nursery rhymes, finished with our “Good Bye” song.